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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ohhhh... FUMI!

A very chic & smart find from MicroBlogginMom!

First off, some good & bad news. The bad, I was very ill last week, sicker than I've ever been with a high fever, chills, body aches/pains, congestion, you name it …I've been feeling it. The good, lucky me it's not Swine Flu! =)

Now that I'm better, I am eager to finally post several reviews for some very chic and what I feel very "mom essential" items that would be perfect for mom, or any special lady in your life this coming mother's day, graduation, etc.

Today's review is for the FUMI by Je'Marie.

"The What?" you ask? Ohhhh, let me tell you, the FUMI is a purse hook, purse accessory, AND a bracelet all in one. Basically, the FUMI is a purse hook that can hang on the outside of your handbag as an accessory or can be worn as a bracelet!

My sister gave me a purse hook a couple of years ago for Christmas. When I got it, I thought cool, at restaurants I can hang my purse next to me, right off the table. No longer is my purse on the floor (ewe germs) and I no longer am I awkwardly leaning back against it behind my back on the chair. Well this novelty lasted for maybe a month. Very soon, I diverted back to my old habits because I was too lazy to dig through my purse, to search for that little purse hook that seemed to always find its way to the bottom of my purse.

Then while cyber shopping/surfing, I discovered the FUMI and thought genius! The FUMI stands for Fashionable, Unique, Multi-purpose, & Innovation... so I was quite eager to check it out for myself.

I was rea
lly excited when the package arrived and tested out the FUMI immediately. I got the silver "Charming" FUMI which goes perfectly with my COACH purse. This is my everyday handbag which my friends teasingly call the "mommy purse" because it probably weighs as much as a full size diaper bag. My purse is always stocked with the essentials: Pull Ups, baby wipes, pocket snacks, wallet, checkbook, make-up bag, mini 1st aid kit, camera, VADO digital cam, sunglasses, keys, iphone, the works. This makes my purse pretty darn heavy so I was quite impressed with how the FUMI kept it all in check, balancing perfectly on the edge of the table keeping my purse up and off the floor with ease. Even better, when I walked into a bathroom stall and found no hook. The FUMI hangs nicely over the stall, keeping my purse germ free. The FUMI now has a permanent home, stylishly clipped to the outside of my purse so that I always have it. I love how the FUMI is light enough to wear on my wrist as a bracelet, yet strong enough to keep my heavy "mommy purse" hooked-up and off the floor.
Whether you carry a tiny handbag or a mega "mommy purse" like me, the FUMI is a must have! Trust me, if one of your girlfriends catches you with a FUMI, they will wonder in awe... then beg to know how they can get their hot little hands on a FUMI for themselves.

Simple, smart, and yet so very chic looking, the FUMI is the perfect gift for Mom, Grandma, your favorite Aunt, the graduating Niece, your Girlfriend, showing that Teacher your appreciation... or for yourself.

Now that I have your attention... want a FUMI? Here are two simple ways to get your hands on your own FUMI.

(1) The FUMI is available online. Priced at $24.95 each there are currently 6 different styles to choose from. The FUMI is made of recycled metal alloy and is very eco friendly. Also available online are other fun goodies like charms, key finders, and the Scarlett. Also as a Mother's Day treat, enjoy free shipping Monday May 4 - Friday May 8 using the code FRESHIP0509 at checkout. What are you waiting for, start shopping today!

(2) In celebration of Mother's Day, I have the honor of giving away a FUMI to one of my lucky readers this
week. You won't want to miss this. Details for the FUMI & Scarlett Package Giveaway HERE!