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Monday, October 27, 2008

Even techie girls want a little BLING!

This MicroBlogginMom just found some much needed BLING this week!Check out chicBuds with genuine Swarovski Crystals! Just ordered mine (black & watermelon pink) and one for my sister (black & grape). I already know she will be jealous when she sees mine, so I decided to get her one too... which I plan to surprise her with for Christmas!

So if you are (or know someone who is) in desperate need of a little chic sparkly bling-bling I encourage you to get it today!

Fabulous deal is to buy them direct at
chicBuds. AND if you subscribe to the ChicBlvd newsletter you can save $10 off your order!

Other sites that showcase and/or sell these cool chicBuds:
geeksuguar, Charming Chick, & kolobags. I little tweetie also mentioned that these chicBuds can be found at Dillard's retail stores nationwide.

Don't be left out,
chicBuds are going to be the must-have girlie girl techie accessory this holiday season.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

What is a Site Warming Party?

What in the world is a "site warming party" and who would have ever thought that it would be such a cool new thing!

Well, recently this MicroBlogginMom stumbled upon Resourceful Mommy via Twitter and is so glad she did. You have got to check out all the rage around the ever so popular site warming twitter parties and see how you can get in on the fun too!

Resourceful Mommy, thank you for being oh so resourceful!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - #2

Even Princesses have bad days

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My newest obsession… twitter

Besides finally starting my own bog, my other daily obsession is "twitter"

Why you ask? Coincidentally, @KatjaPresnal (a mom I recently met on twitter) just blogged all about it. You have got to check out 50+ Reasons Why Join Twitter Today. The post is awesome! Several of my very own reasons for being on "twitter" are revealed here.

And if you are not already on twitter, maybe you should be!
Follow me @MicroBlogginMom

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fall Fashion Sale on DisneyOutlet.com

My kids love Disney! Disney Princesses... Mickey Mouse... Nemo... if it's Disney they love it! So with fall fashion in full swing, I love it when Disney fashion deals roll in just when I need it most. Finally a Win-Win... sweet deals for me AND Disney clothes for the kids to enjoy. Click on the image to get in on your sweet deal too.

Oooh... don't forget to take advantage of the $5 shipping [code: SHIPFOR5] on DisneyOutlet.com

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fabulous Find… Labels… Labels… Labels!

I’m the type of person who labels everything. I can’t help it, it’s pretty much in my nature. I mostly use a permanent marker on masking tape. And I’ve been known to even write directly on the back of my children’s clothing tags.

When my children started daycare and preschool we were asked to label all of their belongings (and for good reason). I definitely wanted to be sure I got the jacket back that I sent my daughter to school with.

Frustrated with ink washing off & tape peeling I did a quick search on the internet and what I found, I soon fell in love with… great looking, fun, and very durable labels!
  • Vinyl stick-on labels that are dishwasher & microwave safe in several sizes. Perfect for bottles, sippy cups, toys, toothbrushes, and more.
  • Iron-on labels that withstand extensive machine washing & drying. Perfect for jackets, sweaters, blankets, and more.
  • Extra tough stick-on shoe labels. Perfect for my daughters ballet & tap shoes which are identical to the other 12 pairs of dance shoes in her dance class.
So if you are obsessed with labeling, frustrated with losing your child’s jacket, or just want to be able to identify what belongs to your child, then these websites are a must to check out.
If you know of other online websites or brick & mortar stores where you can purchase quality stick-on or iron-on labels…PLEASE share!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stay "connected" using iPhone apps

Okay, my micro blog for the day revolves around the need to "stay connected" with other blogs & tweets. And lately my obsession has been loading my iPhone with apps I like to help me stay "connected."

Aside from Pandora, my all time favorites that help me "stay connected" are Facebook, Twittelator, & Bookmarks (to keep all of my "del.icio.us" bookmarks at my fingertips). These keep me busy while waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting for my mocha at Starbucks in the morning.

Of course this obsession has also brought me to google the web for more iPhone app ideas. So if you are into the iPhone as much as I am these days, these sites are worth checking out.
If you have a favorite iPhone app, please share. My obsession leads me to open the iPhone app store almost daily.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Very 1st

Huntington Beach Sunset Bonfire

The "birth" of MicroBlogginMom

A native to surfing the web & googling almost any topic, but as a newbie to blogs & tweets I though I would start my own blog. But where do I begin and what tales do I share? Well… with a jolt of inspiration (or maybe it could have been a caffeine high) MicroBlogginMom was born. Here I hope to share “tidbits” “tweets” “links” “cool finds” “short stories” and more of the joys, adventures, as well as challenges of being a busy working mom still wondering if there will ever be more than 24-hours in a day.