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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I love Stuck on You!

If you know me, I am notorious for labeling our belongings, especially the kids stuff. So a couple of years back I was in search of durable labels. And I mean DURABLE iron-on clothing labels that withstand wash after wash and stick-on vinyl labels that are dishwasher & microwave safe. With a quick google search, I found several options, which I blogged about HERE. I purchased a couple of different kinds from different companies and appropriately named, Stuck on You are the labels I love the most!

Recently, I entered a contest to share my story...
I Was Lost & Now I'm Found!
This year
my daughter started kindergarten at a private school, where they wear uniforms, including a very nice cardigan sweater. My daughter is usually very good about keeping tabs on her stuff, but one day she was really hot while outside on the playground and removed her cardigan and forgot to grab it on her way back to class. When I picked her up from school, she told me she left it on the playground, so off we went to check the playground, then the lost and found area. Sadly, nothing. Read More...

I was thrilled to be informed of winning the contest in this category and I am even more thrilled to share the news of Stuck On You continuing their 10-year Birthday Celebration where you [the readers, fans, etc.] GET the GIFTS! So I highly encourage you to check out the amazing products that Stuck on You USA has to offer, enter their contest, follow @stuckonyouusa on twitter, be a Facebook Fan, etc.

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