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Monday, October 27, 2008

Even techie girls want a little BLING!

This MicroBlogginMom just found some much needed BLING this week!Check out chicBuds with genuine Swarovski Crystals! Just ordered mine (black & watermelon pink) and one for my sister (black & grape). I already know she will be jealous when she sees mine, so I decided to get her one too... which I plan to surprise her with for Christmas!

So if you are (or know someone who is) in desperate need of a little chic sparkly bling-bling I encourage you to get it today!

Fabulous deal is to buy them direct at
chicBuds. AND if you subscribe to the ChicBlvd newsletter you can save $10 off your order!

Other sites that showcase and/or sell these cool chicBuds:
geeksuguar, Charming Chick, & kolobags. I little tweetie also mentioned that these chicBuds can be found at Dillard's retail stores nationwide.

Don't be left out,
chicBuds are going to be the must-have girlie girl techie accessory this holiday season.


Jennifer said...

chicBuds giveaway on skimbaco lifestyle -
deadline is Nov 5 2008. Check it out!