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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To Blog... To Twitter... To Whrrl!

Lately I have been having lots of fun using a new application called whrrl.

You see, I like to blog, but as a busy working mom I often don't have the time. I also really love to twitter, but sometimes I have way more to say (and show through pictures) than the 140 characters allow. So when I found whrrl, I instantly became hooked. I think it is a great "in-between" for a microblogginmom like me. =)

I'm still playing around with whrrl and learning to use it's many cool features, such as embedding whrrl stories into my blog. Check it out... We celebrated my nephew(and godson) Niko's 1st Birthday at Lake Cunningham Park in San Jose, California last month. You can see the story on whrrl by clicking on the image below.
I love how I can also share any of my stories with friends on facebook & twitter.

With school out, hubby's sabbatical in sight, & vacations planned... this MicroBlogginMom is going to whrrl her way through the summer, capturing our family vacation moments. Thanks to the whrrl blog widget, the top section of my blog will showcase the most recent whrrl stories for your viewing pleasure.
So, if you don't want to miss the sights we are going to see & reviews I'm going to share, be sure you subscribe to my blog in your favorite reader or via email (see top right corner) and follow me on twitter @MicroBlogginMom. We're in for a fun & exciting time!

Do you whrrl? Leave a comment, I would love to know what you think of whrrl & would love to view some of your whrrl stories too!



Nina said...

First I've heard of it. I'll check out.