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Friday, November 7, 2008

15 Days of Marketing with Jessica Knows - Day 7

Day 7 - Building Your Brand through Self-Promotion
Day 7 - Assignment: MicroBlogginMom’s BIO & Press Page

I’ve updated my BIO with more details and was all set to add it to my About Me Page, but realized that Blogger is limited to 1200 characters & I am unable to format the paragraphs. So for now here it is in this blog post… until I can figure out how to get it moved over to the “View My Complete Profile” section in the sidebar.

About MicroBlogginMom
By day, I am a full time meeting manager, managing two 2-day training events per week for a training institute in Silicon Valley, CA.

By evening/night I am a full time mom & wife, managing a busy household. My responsibilities revolve around an over-worked, multi-tasking, Silicon Valley geek husband; a 4 year old princess ballerina; AND a “terrible 2” (but too cute) little man.

I love anything related to my “real time” life experiences. Which currently includes, Motherhood, Girlie Gadgets, Beauty, Fashion, anything Chic & Savvy AND of course sweet Deals & Bargains. If I’m able to find any spare time at all, I am usually reading blogs, writing blogs, maintaining our family website/blog, and I am oohhh so addicted to Twitter.

Continue to follow my Micro Blog and I will continue to share with you “tidbits” “tweets” “links” “cool finds” “short stories” and more of the joys, adventures, as well as challenges of being a busy working mom still wondering if there will ever be more than 24-hours in day.

I also just set up a Tumblr account and plan to build my Tumblr to use as my Press Page.