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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2010 is the year for bikes!

This year my family decided that for each of our birthdays we would get a bicycle.

For me it's all about the comfort & a smooth leisure ride. So, I chose the comfy Trek Calyspo cruiser bike 2010, in pearl/pink/brown. The bike is decked out with 7 speeds, hand breaks, chainguard, fenders, a bike basket, a bell, & more. Besides enjoying my new bike, I'm having fun accessorizing! Hubby is getting me the very fashionable Yakkay bike helmet during his next business trip. I am consulting with Tara at Betty Basket Liners to purchase a very chic custom hand made bike basket liner that converts to a handbag - it's a substantial bike basket liner and designer purse in one!

My 5 year old daughter just learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. So, she chose the Trek Mystic 20 bike 2010, in hot pink. The bike is decked out with coaster & hand breaks, streamers, a bike basket, a bell, & more.

My 3 year old son who's been riding a tricycle just learned how to pedal a bike with training wheels. So he has inherited a friend's Specialized Hotrock 16 boys bike, in blue. His birthday is not until the very end of the year, so his motivation to "pick out" his own brand new bike will be to learn how to ride without training wheels.

My husband hasn't had his own bike since he was a child, so he was super excited to research & pick out his brand new bike. He wanted a bike he could enjoy while riding with our young kids but also enjoy while riding with his friends, some who are avid mountain bikers. So, he chose the Diamondback Response Sport mountain bike 2009, in blue. The bike is
decked out with a sturdy but light aluminum frame, SRAM x-4 8 speed trigger shifters, disc brakes, & more.

We are all super excited that spring is finally here. Check out the slideshow below of all the fun we are already starting to have.

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Angel1649 said...

My family just purchased bikes as well. I thought "this is a great idea to bond". However,because we were trying to save some precious money; my husband and I bought second hand bikes for ourselves and new ones for our two boys. Sadly, after getting them home, we all went out for our first ride...and I realized my tire was horribly bent! I'm trying to ride along with the men in my life only to look like the "girl" who can't ride a bike. So instead of saving money, I now have to spend more for new bicycle tires! I guess my mother was right when she told me "you get what you pay for..."

bryan said...

Bikes are awesome! and they are socially responsible too!